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The Next Food Network Star (formerly known as Food Network Star in Seasons 1-7), is a reality competition show on Food Network that gives everyday chefs a chance for victory and their own show on Food Network.

Season oneEdit

Finalists Age Hometown Place
Dan Smith & Steve McDonagh 42 and 20 Bellmore, NY and Wayne, NJ Winners
Deborah Fewell 32 Los Angeles, CA


Hans Rueffert 32 Jasper, GA 3rd
Susannah Locketti 33 Plymouth, MA 4th
Eric Warren 52 Los Angeles, CA 5th
Michael Thomas 36 Venice, CA 6th
Harmony Marceau 30 New York City, NY 7th
Brook Harlan 24 Columbia, MO 8th

Season twoEdit

Finalists Age Hometown Culinary P.O.V. Eliminated
Guy Fieri 38 Santa Rosa, CA "Off the Hook" California Cuisine Winner
Reggie Southerland 39 Los Angeles, CA Modern Soul Food Runner-Up
Carissa Seward 33 San Diego, CA Simple Food for Entertaining Week 6
Nathan Lyon 35 Los Angeles, CA Healthy and Seasonal Food Week 5
Andrew Schumacher 26 Brooklyn, NY Cooking Techniques Week 4
Evette Rodriguez 35 Port St. Lucie, FL Latin Cuisine Week 3
Elizabeth Raynor 32 Sausalito, CA Simple Mediterranean Cuisine Week 2
Jess Dang 24 Menlo Park, CA Asian Cuisine Week 1

Season threeEdit

Name Age Hometown Eliminated
Amy Finley 33 San Diego, CA Winner
Rory Schepisi 31 Vega, TX Runner-Up
Joshua Adam "Jag" Garcia 25 Havelock, NC Withdrew
Paul McCullough 36 Los Angeles, CA Week 6
Adrien Sharp 29 Jackson, MI Week 5
Michael Salmon 53 Brooklyn, NY Week 4
Tommy Grella, Jr. 34 Methuen, MA Wee 3
Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine 29 New York, NY Week 3
Nikki Shaw 38 Oakland, CA Week 2
Patrick Rolfe 33 Seattle, WA Week 1
Vivien Cunha 40 Hermosa Beach, CA Week 1

Season fourEdit

Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Aaron McCargo, Jr. 36 Camden, NJ Chef Winner
Adam Gertler 30 Philadelphia, PA Food Server Runner-Up
Lisa Garza 32 Dallas, TX Restaurateur/Designer Runner-Up
Kelsey Nixon 23 North Ogden, UT Assistant Culinary Director Week 7
Shane Lyons 20 Colorado Springs, CO Private Chef and actor Week 6
Jennifer Cochrane 32 Woonsocket, RI Chef Week 5
Nipa Bhatt 35 Victoria, MN Marketing Manager Week 4
Jeffrey Vaden 43 White Plains, NY Food Service Management Week 3
Kevin Roberts 39 San Diego, CA Radio Talk Show Host/Restaurant Owner/Author Week 2
Cory Kahaney 45 New York, NY Stand-up Comedian Week 1

Season fiveEdit

Name Age Hometown Occupation Culinary P.O.V. Eliminated
Melissa d'Arabian 40 Keller, TX Stay-At-Home Mom "Family Cooking at its Best" Winner
Jeffrey Saad 42 Los Angeles, CA Restaurateur/Food Consultant/Recipe Developer/Chef "Cooking without Borders" Runner-Up
Debbie Lee 39 West Hollywood, CA Restaurant Consultant "From Seoul to Soul" Week 8
Jamika Pessoa 30 Atlanta, GA Personal Chef/Businesswoman Caribbean Cuisine Week 7
Michael Proietti 28 City Island, NY Executive Chef "Global A Go-Go" Week 6
Katie Cavuto 30 Philadelphia, PA Personal Chef & Dietician Healthy and Green Cuisine Week 5
Teddy Folkman 33 Alexandria, VA Restaurant Owner/Executive Chef "Gourmet Bar Food" Week 4
Eddie Gilbert 30 Los Angeles, CA Apprentice Chef Traditional dishes simplified for the home cook Week 3
Brett August 32 New York, NY Executive Sous Chef Simple food for the home cook Week 2
Jen Isham 30 Orlando, FL Sales Manager "Housewife 2.0" Week 1

Season sixEdit