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Restaurant: Impossible is a Food Network reality show featuring chef and restaurateur Robert Irvine that premiered on 19 January 2011.

With only two days and a budget of $10,000, chef Robert Irvine renovates a failing American restaurant with the goal of helping to restore it to profitability and prominence. Irvine is assisted by an HGTV designer (usually Taniya Nayak, Cheryl Torrenueva, or Lynn Keagan, but sometimes Vanessa De Leon, Krista Watterworth, Yvette Irene, or Nicole Faccuito), along with general contractor Tom Bury, who sometimes does double duty as both general contractor and designer. After assessing the problems with the restaurant, Robert typically creates a plan for the new decor, oversees the cleaning of the restaurant, reduces the size of the menu and improves the food, develops a promotional activity, educates the restaurant's owners, and/or trains the staff, as needed by each restaurant.

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